Legal Notice

Please note that our website,, has been designed and built to operate in accordance with Spanish Law 34/2002 of July 11 which relates to data protection, data based business and e commerce. This may concern or relate to the activities and / or the services provided by BODEGAS BAGORDI, S.L. (hereinafter BODEGAS BAGORDI).
This Legal Notice provides users of this website with the appropriate information they may need to have access to or make use of, which has been set up by BODEGAS BAGORDI. It is important that every user of this website reads, with due care and attention, the relevant terms and conditions for allowing access to the website as set out in this Legal Notice.
Further to the above mentioned Spanish Law Ley 34/2002 of July 11 which relates to data protection, data based business and electronic trading, please find below informy information relevant to the idtification of BODEGAS BAGORDI:


NIF: B-31557101

Address: Carretera de Estella, KM 32, 31262, Andosilla (Navarra)

Telephone: +34 948 674 860

Fax: +34 948 674 238

Email address:

Company registration details:Registered at the Registro Mercantil de Navarra, Tomo 478, Folio 188, Hoja NA-10.268.

1. Information relating to intellectual and industrial property

BODEGAS BAGORDI is the sole ande exclusive proprietor of the rights to this website. BODEGAS BAGORDI retains all the rights to the intelectual and insutrial property that may derive from this website. BODEGAS BAGORDI Any body or person who seeks to make use of these rights should seek prior written to so do from BODEGAS BAGORDI. This claim to rights refers both to the external appearance (the look and feel) as well as to the contents of the website, irrespective of the form that they take, the rogramming or the navigation of the site.
Both BAGORDI (M 1970642) and USOA DE BAGORDI (M 2466428) are brands registered by BODEGAS BAGORDI with the Spanish Patents Office. Accordingly, they may not be used by any third party without prior and express written permission.
BODEGAS BAGORDI may make such changes as it may consider appropriate at any time to the information, contents or presentation of same, of this website, without prior notice. BODEGAS BAGORDI is committed to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information provided via the contents of this website shall be clear, understandable and appropriate. It further undertakes to take reasonable care to avoid errors and, where they may occur, to rectify them. Nevertheless, BODEGAS BAGORDI is unable to guarantee that the contents are error free nor can it assure its users that they are up to date at all times.
BODEGAS BAGORDI shall not be held responsable for any failure to fulfil that may be attributable to its suppliers or collaborators in respect of IP rights of the owners of images and photographs supplied by them. It shall be our presumtion that these same suppliers shall have obtained the necessary permissions to use any such third party material.

2. Terms and conditions for access to this website

Every user of this website, by merely visiting the website, irrespective of the method used to access it, is deemed to be aware of and have consented to these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are those that govern the use of this website. The owner of the website reserves the right to modify them at any time such that the only valid version of the terms and conditions regulating each site visit shall be those of the most recently revised version of the said terms and conditions. Wherever the user or visitor to the website decides not to accept all of the terms and conditions as laid down, he shall not be considered an authorised user of the website or of its features and services. Accordingly, he should immediately cease and desist from any further use of the website. These same terms and conditions are extended and applicable in equal measure to any and all notifications, messages or bulletins published by the website owner either on or through this website.
BODEGAS BAGORDI reserves the right to exclude, whether temporarily or permanently, any or all the users who fall into the following categories:

  • Due to the unfulfillment of any of the general terms and conditions governing the use of this site.

  • Due to the unfillment of the law of the law, public morality or public order.

3. Object is the official website of BODEGAS BAGORDI. It is also where the visitor shall find the most complete description, etc., of this family owned winery whose origins date back to the year 1723. This website provides information about the wines we produce in accordance with the best traditional methods, where we show the greatest respect for the land and, above all, for the quality of the grapes we produce. You are welcome to contact us at any time and for any reason by completing the relevant form or by simply writing to us at We make take the opportunity to respond by sending you information that is somewhat different to that mentioned above.

4. Privacy policy and the protection of personal information

BODEGAS BAGORDI is committed to guaranteeing the confidentiality and non disclosure of all the information that it may acquire about the visitors to its website. Specifically, it is committed to fulfilling the requirements of Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 dated December 13 in respect of the protection of personal data.
BODEGAS BAGORDI advises that it observes the terms of Spanish Law 34/2002 dated July 11 in respect of datat protection, data based businesses and e commerce. It will always seek your prior permission before using your email address for comercial purposes.
All data made available to us when you contact us by email shall form part of an archive whose owner is BODEGAS BAGORDI, details of which are duly held by the Spanish General Register for Data Protection. Any user of this website has a right at any time to have access to such personal data as may be held by BODEGAS BAGORDI about him in accordance with Article 5 of the above mentioned Spanish Organic Law on Data Protection and can exercise his right to correct, cancel or oppose any data held relating to him. All such requests should be notified in writing to the owner of the data archive at the following email address: and should be accompanied by the necessary proof of the applicant’s identity.
Access to the website does not require one to provide any data. However, where the user wishes to contact us, he should complete and despatch the corresponding formula on our website. The questions accompanied by an asterisk require a response, failing which the fomrula cannot be sent. Any data supplied by the user is added to our confidential user database and may be used for the purpose of responding to subsequent requests for information, the modification of the data held, etc. as well as sending you offers of wines from time to time that the owner of the archive may consider to be of interest to you.
The owner of the personal data is obliged to notify any relevant changes in their data to the person at BODEGAS BAGORDI who is responsable maintaining the data archive while at all times taking personal responsibility for the accuracy of the data they provide to the administrator of the data archive. Where third party data is supplied by a user, the user is under an obligation to make clear that he has the necessary authority of the third party to make known their data. He shall be told that he may oppose the use of his data in the manner that has been described: should he fail to formally notify his opposition to the use of his data in the manner described within a period of thirty days from the date when his data is gathered,it shall be understood that he has given his assent to the procedures outlined earlier for the use of his data.
BODEGAS BAGORDI reserves the right to make changes to its data privacy policies and or the terms and conditions for the use of its services in order to adapt it to changes in the laws or, indeed, for other reasons. Accordingly, we recommend that all users of this website review the contents of this section as we shall consider that the continued use of the website shall be deemed to be acceptance by the user of the data privacy policies and conditions of use in force at that time. The personal data that may be gathered shall always treated with the utmost confidentiality. To this end, varias measures have been put in place to ensure that the data is subject to alteration, corruption, loss, unauthorised access. In this way, we undertake to guarantee their integrity, availability and safe keeping. Nonetheless, BODEGAS BAGORDI shall not accept responsibility for incidences in relation to the personal data where these occur as a result of an attack or due to unauthorised access to the I.T. system and which are imposible to detect or prevent in spite of having in place security systems that reflect generally accepted best current practice.
In line with the standards for data protection, BODEGAS BAGORDI has decided that you must be at least 14 years old should you wish to contact us or, where this is not the case, that you have the relevant permission of your parent or guardian. The veracity of this information is your responsibility. Should BODEGAS BAGORDI conclude that these conditions have not been met, they shall be authorised to ignore any request that you make for information.
As a sign of our transparency and commitment to you, we attach a link to a declaration prepared by our legal advisors to confirm that BODEGAS BAGORDI fulfil all its obligations in respect of data protection. (descargar documento).

5. Links to other websites

BODEGAS BAGORDI does not allow their website to appear as a window within any other website that does not belong to the proprietor of, by means of “framing” except where BODEGAS BAGORDI has given express permission in writing to so do.
Equally, no material from may be offered via another website by resort to “in line linking” unless BODEGAS BAGORDI has given express permission to so do.
On the other hand, we do authorise the use of hyperlinks and hypertexts in other websites that provide a link to the homepage of or, indeed, via “deep link” with any other section within the BAGORDI website so long as the pages shown are shown in full page format and under their respective IP addresses. Those individuals and organisations who make such arrangements must asume full responsibility for the links that they may establish.
The links included in the present website have as their sole purpose that of facilitating the online search for information. BODEGAS BAGORDI neither offers or proposes any of the products that may be found through using the links on its website. Accordingly, BODEGAS BAGORDI shall not be held responsable for any loss sufferedc due to the contents, products, services or information obtained as a result of Access to those websites. BODEGAS BAGORDI is not responsable for the quality, legality, trutfulness or utility of the information and / or services that may be found on the pages of the websites that are accessed through the above mentioned links.

6. Responsabilities

Users are asked to agree and commit to the reasonable use of the products and services that BODEGAS BAGORDI may offer from time to time via its website but in no circumstance should they (i) make use of them for illicit or ilegal activities or contrary to good faith or to public order (ii) use their website to transmit contents that could reasonably be considered as being racist, xenphobic pornographic, defend terrorismo or an attack on human rights (iii) cause the computer systems of BODEGAS BAGORDI or those of its suppliers to be damaged (IV) seek to, or introduce, any software virus or any other malicious material into the computer systems of BODEGAS BAGORDI (V) undertake any unauthorised initiatives designed to achieve the disaggregation or decodification of the contents of the website of BODEGAS BAGORDI.
Should a user suspect or become aware that this website carries material that could be deemed illicit, malicious, lack respect, be of violent character, be contrary to public morality or should the forementioned links take one to sites with that class of content, you are asked to contact BODEGAS BAGORDI via the email address to be found in this legal notice in order to notify the ilegal or inappropriate circumstances. Should there be an instance of violation of rights such as those of intelectual or industrial property, you are requested to make available the personal details of the owner of the rights that were infringed should he be different from the person notifying. The notifier should also provide the necessary documentation to identify the owner of the rights, and, where appropriate, his authority to prove that he is authorised to represent the proprietor of the legal rights along with a statement to the effect that the information contained in the complaint is truthful.
The fact that BODEGAS BAGORDI receives the notification foreseen in this clause does not imply, as foreseen in the LSSI law, the fact that BODEGAS BAGORDI is or was aware of the circumstances that lead to this notification.
BODEGAS BAGORDI does not gurantee in any way the precision, content, integrity, legality, trustworthiness, up to date character, veracity, funcionality or availability of the contents and services it offers. It further refuses to accept responsibility for the same or for any prejudice they may cause. The information provided on this website is only intended as broad guidance as it is not representative of anything or anybody. The same applies to the links, contents and opinions that do not belong to the owner of this website whether or not accommodated on this website.In such case, the responsibility for their content is that of their respective owners. Equally, BODEGAS BAGORDI cannot be held responsable for any incorrect use that may be made of the contents of this website. We deny all responsibility in this regard.
Nor does BODEGAS BAGORDI ccept responsibility, whether directly or indirectly, for any complaints that may be made in respect of the quality, reliability, exactness or precisión of the contents.

7. Provision of service

BODEGAS BAGORDI reserves the right to change its computer programmes, the manner in which it arranges the data it receives along with the technical character of site access and transmission. Where these changes may lead to a question of incompatability with previous versions of the software, BODEGAS BAGORDI shall notify this issue via its website. BODEGAS BAGORDI reserves the right to interrupt the service either partially or totally for technical reasons and shall make this known through its website in the measure in which that shall be possible or by some other suitable means..
In the measure in which it is possible and reasonable, BODEGAS BAGORDI shall take due care to establish the technical security and reliability of the systems used to allow the user to safely navigate its website. However, given that the internet cannot be considered an instrinsically safe medium, BODEGAS BAGORDI is not able to guarantee the absence of virus or other prejudicial elements that may have been introduced by third parties and which may lead to damage being caused to computer systems, to the documents and files of the user who may visit this website. Accordingly, BODEGAS BAGORDI will not answer for the damage caused by such elements either to the user or to third parties.
The operating system at use at any given time is not the responsibility of BODEGAS BAGORDI nor is BODEGAS BAGORDI responsable for any malfunction it may cause.
BODEGAS BAGORDI reserves the right to make such changes to its website as it may consider appropriate from time to time. Thus, it may change,eliminate or expand either or both the contents and the services offered via the website and/ or the manner in which they are presented or located on the website.

8. Image rights and disclamer

BODEGAS BAGORDI does not take responsibility for such contents, information and data that do not depend on the website or are not managed by BODEGAS BAGORDI notwithstanding the fact that they may appear within the website as a result of an agreement to collaborate and signed by BODEGAS BAGORDI.

9. Violations

BODEGAS BAGORDI shall follow up any violation of previously listed conditions or of any inappropriate or unlawful use of its website. In such cases, it will seek to give effect to all the civil and penal procedures that are available to it

10. Validity

Should any clause (or part thereof) of this document be declared invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the rest of the document.

11. Jurisdiction and relevant law

Should any dispute arise in connection with this website or its contents, the applicable law shall be the Laws of Spain. Furthermore, the various parties agree to submit themselves to judgement the Courts of Pamplona while simultaeously renouncing any right to any jurisdiction.