Bagordi Garnacha Gran Reserva

Grape variety: 100% Garnacha.

Vintage: 2001
Alcohol (% vol): 13,5°
Ageing: 24 months French oak barrels, 36 months bottle rack

Here is a wine that is a testament to the fruitfulness of the land, the complicity of the climate all accompanied by human endeavour. Our 50 year old vines transmit these aspects through small bunches of grapes which are then developed further in a careful production process, the 24 months spent in French oak barrels followed by at least 36 months laid down in bottle until the wine is fit to be considered a Gran Reserva. It goes without saying that age and repose are what allow the nuances to develop as this fine wine matures.


Visual: Deep cherry red colour with suggestions of violet round the edge. Bright and clean with a beautiful tear.

Nasal: Wonderfully elegant aroma that also suggests ripe red fruit, quince jelly, figs, almond liqueur. The subtle presence of wood is beautifully balanced with the natural expressiveness of the Garnacha.

Taste: Finely structured wine with an appropriate level of acidity that retains its fruitiness while also allowing the gentle flavour of wood to seep through. The passage of time ensures that this wine is well rounded such that it becomes a most welcome table guest.

Bagordi & Gastronomy

Meat is the perfect marriage of Grenache. From a roasted or grilled lamb, white meats with strong sauces, even stews and potent and aromatic stews of pork, lamb, duck or pheasant.

Ideal serving temperature 16°C a 18°

Note: Some sediment may form over the passage of time. This is of no consequence.