Bagordi Garnacha Reserva

Grape variety: 100% Garnacha.

Vintages: 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002

Alcohol (% vol): 14,0°

Ageing: 14 months oak barrel, 24 months bottle rack


Silver Medal – Concours Internacional Grenaches du Monde 2013

Silver Medal – London International Wine Challenge (Great Britain) 2002

Silver Medal – Concours Mondial Bruxelles (Belgium) 2002

Silver Medal – London International Wine Challenge (Great Britain) 2001

Silver Medal – Mundusvini Gran Premio Internacional del vino (Germany) 2001

This type of grape is ideally suited to the climatic conditions and poor soil of our region. The vines have become seriously twisted of their 50 years of life due their age and the effect of the weather. Nevertheless, they provide grapes of excellent quality. The harvest is conducted manually by gather the grapes in small boxes so that each bunch arrives at the winery in good condition. Every step is undertaken with great care. Fourteen months ageing in casks made from French and American oak followed by a period of at least twenty four months were necessary in order to obtain this fine wine, full of nuances and waiting the most discerning palates.


Visual: medium bodied deep, cherry red, wine that clear and bright.

Nasal: Aroma deep, elegant, aroma of ripe red fruit against a background of spices, cloves and black pepper. The gentle hint of wood works harmonises welly with the expressiveness of the Garnacha grape.

Taste: well-structured and rounded. The soft tannins ensure a certain unctuousness in the wine. The aftertaste offers hints of mineral and fruit, which are also present in the nose.

Bagordi & Gastronomy

It goes very well with grilled meats, roast lamb and potent and aromatic stews of pork, duck or pheasant.

Ideal serving temperature 18°C a 19°C

Note: Some sediment may form over the passage of time. This is of no consequence.