Bagordi Graciano Crianza

Grape variety: 100% Graciano.

Vintage: 2016

Alcohol (% vol): 14,5º

Ageing: 12 months oak barrel, 12 monhts bottel rack


GOLD Medal – Challenge Millésime Bio 2018

Diploma – Biofach (Germany) 2009

Bronze Medal – Millesime Bio Wine Competition (France) 2008


The grapes from our older Graciano vines were cultivated following best organic practice. As a result, this wine is special given that it combines the character of this grape with the features of the local soil and climate. The wine has benefited from twelve months ageing (the Crianza process) in barrels of French oak, followed by a further period of ageing and settling in bottles. This elegant wine has an appealing colour characterised by an intense violet hue especially obvious in the case of the teardrop.


Appearance: Notable for its intense deep blackberry / cherry colour.
Stable at the edges.
Bouquet: Agreeable nose. Attractive flavour of fruit compot. (blackberry, blackcurrant, blueberry) with hints of balsamic and ending with the aroma of ground coffee.

Tasting: Juicy, prolonged and persistent. The pronounced tannins are matched by the toasted flavours redolent of good barrel age. All of which contributes to allowing the fruit flavours to be the protagonist.
Ideal serving temperature 16ºC.

Note: some sediment may form over the passage of time.This is of no consequence.