Bagordi Graciano Reserva

Grape variety: 100% Graciano.

Vintage: 2004
Alcohol (% vol): 14°
Ageing: 15 months oak barrel, min. 5 years bottle rack


Bacchus de Oro – Bacchus 2013

Medalla de Plata – Concurso Mundial de Bruselas 2015

Bacchus de Bronce – Bacchus 2012

This unique single grape wine is the result of organic viticulture, a careful selection of ripened grapes from the oldest vines followed by a closely supervised production process.
This splendid wine is the outcome of an excellent combination of the particular characteristics of the grape with those of the soil, the climate all made possible by a first class team in the winery.
15 months in French oak barrels followed by an extended period in bottle has made possible an elegant wine with attractive potential. Its velvety acidity, the suggestions of ripe fruit plus the toasted notes reinforce the whole.


Visual: this wine is medium bodied and bright with an intense, cherry red, colour.

Nasal: intensely aromatic with suggestions of ripe red fruit alternating with smooth flavours of vanilla and roasted coffee all accompanied by some balsamic and spices which add to the overall complexity.

Taste: powerful, lengthy and agreeable aftertaste. Traces of liquorice at the end.

Bagordi & Gastronomy

This great wine is ideal with birds like pheasant or partridge, stewed with country herbs and accompanied with carrot and sweet onion sauces.

Ideal serving temperature 16°C

Note: Some sediment may form over the passage of time. This is of no consequence.